Canadian singer-songwriter on his way out of the amateur league

Regardless of where you come from, there is a good chance that you are fascinated by small-town stories. I could have written this last phrase with the uppercase letters as it seems like the self-contained genre for modern songwriters. Andy Shauf is of that breed. He’s the resident of a small town in Canadian province of Saskatchewan. This year saw the re-release of his 2012’s album „The Bearer Of Bad News“, and now he follows his excellent LP with the brand new single „Jenny Come Home“.


This song is written from the perspective of a man who’s

cheating on his girlfriend. Although the lyrics has the gloomy vibe of hurt feelings and tangled relationships, you may perceive it in a more positive way as the laid-back melody hints at the different direction. Created with the help of much underrated nowadays clarinets, it draws not a drama but rather some abstract story that may happen anywhere but here.

Nastya Kazakova

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