International Summer School

Tasks for the daily radio show at HORADS 88,6 – you can listen to it at our homepage.

As the host of the show you guide the listeners through the hour long show and announce every other category and who is presenting it as well.

At you can see which songs we got in our Database. You can use all of them for the hour-long show. Just send me a list or write them down in the daily schedule.

Any type and kind of media production is suitable for this category. Could be a Netflix-series or a book or an instagram channel or … The only requirement is, that it should be findable.

Go to the exact date-page on Wikipedia. For example For TIME TRAVEL you choose an event and for BIRTHDAY it should be a perosn’s birthday. This should only be a start for your research. Don’t form your text around a Wikipedia article. You talk about the event or the person to give an overview about it and possibly point out, what the relevance for today might be.

Have look at the twitter trending topics or the most searched thing at Google for the exact day and talk about it. You got 90 seconds for some background information and the possible importance of it.

SOUND QUIZ (working title)
Think of a special sound of your daily routine or your surroundings. Record it with your phone and make a quiz out of it. Take your time to present the sound, talk about it, give hints and finally reveal what it was.

Identify a question that is based on recent events or a timeless topic and ask your friends. Ask them to send you their answer as a voice mail. Forward this voice mail to me and I’ll form the vox pop/survey out of it. Additionally you should work on an introduction: why did you choose this topic etc.

There’s a daily schedule where all the tasks and the person who is working on it can be found. As soon as you know the exact topic of your category, please write it down at the schedule so the show host knows what and who to present.

All of the categories should have a length of 90 seconds. The deadline for your finished parts is 15:00h.