Visting HvA Campus Creators, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Last week HORADS 88.6 visited the Campus Radio Station at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. The radio station is a part of HvA Campus creators:

As a part of the radio broadcasting minor programme at Hogeschool van Amsterdam, the students plan and broadcast a show every week. The students are divided into small teams of four people, and each group has a 2-hour live broadcasting session once a week, where they live on air from 12.00-14.00. 

Each team are reporting from selected areas in Amsterdam. Every week, the team must do a journalistic excursion to interview the locals and catch up on the latest news from the neighbourhood. 

 This Thursday, the program included interviews from owners at the local street markets. As a fun addition, the team performed a tasting and review of the local food. 

The hosts also discuss relevant news from the areas in the program and have relevant guests on the show. Among this weeks interviews, there was an upcoming dutch artist who had just released a new song. 

The whole program contains a lot of popular music hits and includes the game “Thursday roll the dice” in dutch “Dobbelstenen donderdag”, where the dice decides which one of six songs to play. 

Get inspired by the HvA Campus Creators:

Thanks to HvA Campus Creators, Hogeschool van Amsterdam for inviting us.

We at HORADS 88.6 are currently working on building a larger international collaboration and programme exchanges with other campus radio stations. Stay updated on website to follow the latest news.

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