(((tone.bender))) im Dezember 2023

Brian Harnetty: Sound of an Unperplexed Wren + Who Is This I? + Strange Things You Sometimes Find
Borsigwerke: Napalm + Bauarbeiterhymne
Black Ox Orkestar: Tish Nign + Mizrakh Mi Ma‘arav + Skotshne + Epigenetik
Quiver Vex: Disappear Here + Pre Cog
Carl Stone: Mouram + Vatanim
Christian Reiner & Martin Siewert: Erstens
Christina Vantzou: Greeting + Reclining Figures + Kimona I + Kimona II
Bryce Hackford: Fires + Over + Is Anyone Home
Darkroom: It‘s Clear From the Air + Tuesdays Ghost
Christiane Abdelnour & Andy Moor: 80 dB Is Loud If You‘re Snoring
Spill: Pure + Patina + Residue
Brad E. Rose: Annular Silhouettes

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