New show on HORADS 88.6 – Sen Lunch med PK, Uppsala Sweden

We are happy to announce our new international show from Studentradioen 98,9 based in Uppsala, Sweden.

Sen Lunch med PK (late lunch with PK) Is a show from Uppsala University politics students (political science). The show focuses on Swedish domestic policies and all of the important questions in a society, such as democracy, discrimination, the politics of Swedish municipalities and social media. They make the powerheads of Sweden humans and analyzes everything about them, all down to their breakfast. The hosts are Elin Laks, Sara Rydberg, Petter Förberg, Linnea Sjöström, Joel Fagerstedt och Richard Wahlström. 

The show has been running for the last 11 years and is still live on-air every Wednesday at 18.00 on Studentradioen 98,9. Read more about the show here:

At HORADS 88.6, we will broadcast a relevant episode from Sen Lunch med PK every Wednesday at 21.00!

We at HOARDS 88.6 are currently working on expanding our international collaborations with other European campus radios. We are happy to broadcast this first international show as a part of a larger project.

The first episode is called “What happens in Sweden”. In this episode, Sen Lunch med PK invited Interpol and the international students Martina, Helene and Isaac to discuss their experiences in Sweden. What are some of the cultural chocks they have faced, and how much do they know about Swedish politics? Elsa, the previous president of the radio, is hosting the show. Participants: Elsa Josefsson, Helene Hjelm-Hansen, Isaac Silver, Martina Antonucci and Axel Emanuelsson Vretander.

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