PODCAST – Ecologies of Sound X University of Stuttgart


One of the exciting rewards of bringing six Poetry Jukebox poets to Stuttgart was the opportunity to bring together the poets and translators from the Ambiguities/Ambiguitäten Poetry Jukebox curation from Maria McManus’s Quotidian playlist. While in Stuttgart, each of the six Irish poets met their translators, took a picture together, and read at one of the public events the poems pairs in English and German: 1. Paul Maddern/Nadja Hieber; 2. Linda McKenna/Selin Balikci and Aliena Horvath; 3. Scott McKendry/Danny Naumov; 4. Charles Lang/Elmedina Kolgeci; 5. Susannah Dickey/Sui Lung; and 6. Sacha White/Nina Günter. For the last two poets in the series in May, these interactions were memorialized with an interview to air on the university radio station, HORADS 88,6, and be archived on our SfT departmental web page and the Soundcloud curation. On 16 May, at the HORADS broadcast studio at Hochschule der Medien, two interviews were conducted between poet and translator: Susannah Dickey and Sui Lung and Sacha White and Nina Günther, which was broadcast on 28 May and 1 June 2024.

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