Let’s go on an adventure with SHE DIVES

it’s summer, finally. everyone who doesn’t know about the mystery of this special time of year should pay attention now. not only that the sun and blooming landscapes are shifting up people’s dopamine levels, truly everyone is full of beans! it’s the time when genius plans are made and lifetime adventures are just about to begin. there are not any restrictions; let’s conquer the world! who doesn’t fall in love with the idea of riding the bike along the seaside with a fresh salty breeze blowing through the hair while listening to music talking from your soul? imagine you stop by the water and just dive in. into the deep blue sea. searching for yourself and your desires.

danish band SHE DIVES actually managed to express this odd process of diving into the inner you with their music. it can be perfectly described as the embodiment of soul. during their performance at galao in stuttgart in spring, the crowd got the very best impression of what it feels like to “to dive” into a different world. SHE DIVES ambient and mystic sound created a memorable atmosphere reminding of discovering the secret shades of underwater landscapes and dreaming away.

the band consists of former TEMPLE members nils bloch and asger kudahl, who decided to start SHE DIVES in 2015 in order to create something new after the break up. during an inspiring trip to paris they’ve gathered lots of impressions from the local vanguard and electronic music scene which they construed in their own individual way with sounds they had recorded at different locations and life as their original source of inspiration. their ambition is to write about something that matters. and to be true they’re really good at this!

after playing a bunch of shows in germany SHE DIVES headed back to copenhagen to work on their upcoming debut album. they had a show at the famous SPOT festival for new artists and just a few days ago they played a small set at the copenhagen photo festival. I’m sure there will be more shows to follow! make sure to see this awesome danish band – even though you have to travel to denmark! it’s definitely worth it and you’ll get an unforgettable experience while listening to their fantastic live show. write them on your bucket list for this year’s summer. it’s pure magic.

after their concert at galao in stuttgart I had the chance to talk to nils, the singer of SHE DIVES. what is it like to break up with a band? what the heck is heroine pop? and do bands want to be tagged with labels? listen below and find out what he has answered!

Melanie Thelemann

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