As you might already know if you listened to our special Sziget programme, we’re going to be at the Sziget festival from the 10th to the 17th of August this year!

We are incredibly happy. The Sziget festival is one of a kind: It takes place on Obuda, an island in the Danube in the middle of the Hungarian capital city, Budapest. It lasts seven days, much longer than the standard music festival. But more importantly, Sziget is the Island of Freedom, where an incredible amount of artists of all nationalities are given the chance to express themselves in front of people from all around the world. From the ultra-popular Muse to the less known and innovative Landlord and Ayku we interviewed on our programme, both famous and unknown acts play on several stages placed all around Obuda:




But Sziget is not only music. All kinds of arts claim their own space on the Island of Freedom: dancing shows, the Cirque du Sziget, inflatable monuments (!), happenings of all sorts… it is definitely a 360-degrees  experience.

Our task is to bring this unique Sziget-feeling to you with live reporting, interviews, pictures, videos… anything we could possibly find to share this amazing experience with you! So stay tuned in to our Summer School and follow us on our social media profiles with the hashtag #HORADSgoesSziget. See you in Budapest!



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