DJ Holger Lund – Spring Break #3

Im Mai immer sonntags um 20:00 Uhr: das neue Golden Mixtape Doodle mit DJ Holger Lund und seiner Mai-Setlist „Spring Break #3“.

Goldene 60 Minuten mit:
Twit One – Twit One Stereo FM
Yung Skrrt – McDonalds (Eprom Remix)
Time Cow and RTKAL – Elephant Man
US 3 – Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
Dendan – Fuckit
Nia Archives – That’s Tha Way Life Goes
Os Cariocas – Pardido Alto
Bandaly Family – Aal Mashi (feat. Yola Bandaly)
Charlotte Rampling – Roulette Russe
Chet Atkins – Cosmic Square Dance (feat. Mark Knopfler)
Dieter Zimmermann and his Orchestra – Honky Tonk Woman
Triste Janeiro – In the Garden
Wando – Nega de Obaluaé
Fuat Saka – Gurbet Elleri
Michou – L’amour y fait mal maloya ton tisane
Brushy One String – Chicken in the Corn
Os Tarântulas – Canção de amor

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