Sneak peek at Poliça’s third record

Government corruption, social injustice, racism, self-doubt, isolation, urban decline. These are recurring themes of Minneapolis-based synth pop band Poliça’s new album United Crushers.


The inspiration for the name of the album comes from the words “United Crushers” being graffitied on buildings and grain elevators throughout the city as a reference to the hopes and dreams that have been crushed in Minneapolis’ troubled past.

Off of their yet to be released album, Poliça have revealed their first single titled Lime Habit, an upbeat song followed up by heavy percussions and synthesizers, which has a contrast to the darker themes and vibes given off by its lyrics “Never in the corner, luck of life”, “See up/higher, never in style”. The track has been described by vocalist Channy Leaneagh to be the most “diary like of any of the other songs on United Crushers”.

For almost three years since the release of their last album Shulamith, Poliça is set to release their third full-length album on March 4th 2016.


Laura Vicuna

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