Side effects of this Greek folk influenced song may include a wish to eat yogurts and dance in circles

After he had separated his ways with Habsora – a Tel-Aviv band which name might only occur to local hipsters – Tomer Yeshayahu decided to go solo. Despite being the think-tank of his new project called ISAIAH, he still shares the lyrics-writing duties with singer Mika Avni. Together they released their debut album in 2014 and quickly followed it with „Days of Daydreams“ earlier this year.

One of the stand alone tracks off this LP gives you some insight into the head of this curly guy who looks like a 21-century gypsy. His gentle pop tunes send your thoughts to the ever warm Mediterranean summer. It becomes even more vivid when you start to recognize bouzouki (just google it) and harmonicas which ISAIAH uses a lot on his records.

The lyrics of „Go Sister“ portrays a wild and beautiful girl who’s so different from anyone you met before that you question if she’s even real: „I want to touch you/I can´t reach, you turn into smoke“. This adoration of a strong-and-independent women only adds to his ability to keep up with the spirit of time.


Nastya Kazakova

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