Our new friend is your friend

We get a sneak peak into Your Friend’s soon to be released album with the first track “Heathering”. Soothing and atmospheric, “Heathering” has a great new refreshing sound that feels like a joyous ride. Your Friend explores and experiments with sounds which we do encounter with this first track, particularly with the subtle noises in the background that come into focus as the song progresses giving a distorted effect.


Your Friend is 24 year old Taryn Miller, singer/songwriter from Kansas. She debuted her EP Jekyll/Hyde in 2014 and has since been working on her first full length album. As Miller explains, “I paid attention to textures. I was trying to remove myself from an approach that I had followed before, but still wanted to bring in that melodic element that is most inherent to me, and marry it with a more sonically meditative landscape.” Writing in her studio apartment back home and recording together with producer Nicolas Vernhes (The War on Drugs, Deerhunter), she is set to release her debut full length album “Gumption” on January 29.


Laura Vicuna

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