One of the hippest bands in New York with their latest single

Think of a feeling when you have a list of to-dos as long as a check from supermarket but you just sit in your room being sad and unmotivated for no reasons. As a decent person you start to hate yourself for this blues and try to get out of it but something prevents you from focusing. Maybe you’re waiting for a facebook notification from your crush or you’re still going over a rather awkward situation that happened at work last week. However it’s even hard to determine. There can be literally nothing and you still can’t bother yourself to be positive and creative this day.

Now think of the music that plays in your head in such moments. I bet it’s not a song that you can clearly reproduce to the last word. On the contrary, it must be something with a blurry melody and a random line that goes on hundredth loop in your mind. If everything I described above sounded familiar to you, then let me introduce an ultimate song to keep you entertained while you’re dealing with your inner-self.


„Wall Watcher“ is the first single taken from the upcoming LP of the Brooklyn-based band Sunflower Bean. It’s hard to find a site about current music scene that haven’t penned an article about them. Teenagers who appeared on the radars aged just 18 and 19 last year already turned the critics into their fans.

Lead by Julia Cumming, а runway model and Hedi Slimane’s muse, trio plays dark and dreamy psychedelic rock that pays homage both to The Velvet Underground and to Tame Impala (they have a track of the same name on their debut EP). Sunflower Bean’s music is best described by an exerpt from The New Your Times written by Jon Pareles: „New York is still home to bands whose music suggests what might have happened if psychedelia had emerged after punk and the Police rather than before“. They’re young but they know what they’re doing.

Nastya Kazakova

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