New Show on HORADS 88.6 – News4Internationals by University of Hohenheim

We are happy to announce another international show. This time from the University of Hohenheim.

News4Internationals by the University of Hohenheim is directed to international students in Stuttgart. They talk about study-related issues but also about how a new life in Germany can be tricky: Where do you get curtains? Which shops are cheap? Where do you find jobs? News4Internationals also want to bring you closer to the country and its people, get to the bottom of Swabian peculiarities and discuss German culture with internationals – and what is that anyway? Tune in at HORADS every Saturday at 17.00!

The first episode is about funny and interesting culture shocks for new international students. The host Ada asks a few friends about the most surprising things they found about living and studying in Germany. On the show, Ada shares 12 of the interesting responses – From the language to social differences, food and the weather.

Further information for international students and prospective students can be found here:


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