„I´m not myself“

Berlin based duo NOSOYO, formed by Donata Kramarz, lyricist and vocalist, and Daïm de Rijke, on drums, take on the indie pop scene with their latest single ‘6 or 7 Weeks’ which has seen its release on November 6th.


Starting off with a slow keyboard and Donata’s strong and compelling voice the song kicks in to its chorus with a catchy beat created by the addition of drums and claps. Alongside the single, they’ve released their music video which embraces the atmosphere of the song.

Formed in 2014, the pair have met during their studies at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and are currently established in Berlin working alongside producer Patrik Majer. NOSOYO, whose name interestingly enough translates from the Spanish “No soy yo”, “I’m not myself”, take their inspiration from the likes of Nina Simone and Sia.

Since the release of their single, NOSOYO have toured in Munich, Dortmund and Hamburg opening for bands The Dø, Say Yes Dog and Joy Wellboy. ‘6 or 7 Weeks’ has given me a good impression on the style they are going for and I can’t wait to hear what they will surprise us with next.

Laura Vicuna

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